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Visionara Academy is a division of Visionara Global, a leading organization that oversees Education, E-Learning, Pageants, Events, PR, Media, and Productions.  Visionara Academy strives to take advantage of the global E-Learning business opportunity trends, by extending strategic and technical support to help its learners, Learn to Achieve their goals and scale Nationally and Globally. We work closely with our community to help them transform their business ideas into viable delivery models.

The Visionara Academy offers affordable series of educational learning engagements in a self-paced, online environment. These learning engagements are aimed to improve, develop and maintain current leadership skills while incorporating faith into your leadership style. Anyone can join the Visionara Academy! There are no course prerequisites, and no college experience or leadership experience is needed to participate. All that is required is a computer or a smartphone device with internet access and speakers or headset connection capabilities.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. —Mark Twain

Empowered Women

Empower Women!

The Great Power Of Connecting Passion With Purpose Is To Impact Others...

An Academy By A Women To Inspire & Empower Women, Helping Them Becoming "Womenpreneurs" 


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Our mission is to inspire and empower women by providing them, skill-based & various learning opportunities through innovation and modern technology so they too can live with freedom and pride in their daily lives and become 'Womenpreneurs'.


To build the World's Largest Online Community of Women, who will work to live, not live to work, with earning passively to enhance their quality of life as we age.

Core Values

We have nine “Foundation Principles,” which functionally serve as our core values. They are:

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  • Our community’s welcoming environment is a result of our collective efforts to engage with each other, recognize contributions, celebrate and share our accomplishments, mentor each other, and advocate for our partners, educators, and learners. 

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Binita Shrivastava

Accidental Entrepreneur, Transformation Coach & Philanthropist
Former Classic Mrs. India Overseas

Binita Shrivastava, Former Beauty Queen (Winner of Classic Mrs. India Overseas 2017), is an accidental entrepreneur, a passionate professional, leading transformation coach & philanthropist.

She has founded Visionara Academy under the aegis of Visionara Global to empower Women through grooming & training online and making them able to Monetize their skills, knowledge, talents, and becoming self-dependent. She founded this academy with a mission to inspire and empower women by providing them, skill-based & various learning opportunities through innovation and modern technology so they too can live with freedom and pride in their daily lives and become Solopreneurs’.

Her vision is to build the World's Largest online community of Women, who will work to live, not live to work, with earning passively to enhance their quality of life as we age.


Binita Srivastava, Accidental Entrepreneur, Transformation Coach & Philanthropist and Former Classic Mrs. India Overseas, Founder of Visionara Academy and VG MISS & MRS INDIA Beauty Pageant-An Initiatives of Visionara Global.

A woman who has raised 5 children, with one being specially abled. Parth 23 yrs, her second son, is suffering from Cerebral Palsy. Amidst her challenges, she finds a way to keep going and becoming Classic Mrs. India Overseas and also her entrepreneurial journey. Watch her story.

Our Story

Let me tell you why I decided to start this movement with Visionara Academy.

This is what drove me to stand in this power and be passionate about helping other women do the same, so they become the leader of themselves and not a charity case.

I have been there, and I know what it means to be abused, to fall into that dark zone, to feel isolated, to be scared for your life and your child’s wellbeing, to feel lost in the world and not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I also know how to get out of this treadmill if for any reason I find myself in that whole again.

I believe we all have the ability to find light. Women have everything they need: knowledge, wisdom, compassion, emotional intelligence, experience, degrees, and qualifications. The biggest problem I see most of the time is that they have enough competence but they need more confidence and as a result, they can increase their ability to make their own money.

This is also based on the experience that I have done, interviewing women for pageants around the world. All women need is a voice, to stand in their power, build their confidence and be able to monetize their work, their skills, and experience.

What We Offer

Transformative Learnings

Visionara Academy offers a series of educational programs through innovation and modern technology to transform and empower women to empower the world.

Learn anywhere in the world

All that you need to enter the virtual classroom is a laptop/smartphone and an internet connection. You can be anywhere in the world and attend these classes.

Learn at your convenience

Attend Online live sessions, Masterminds, Group Coaching, or listen to the session recordings at a convenient time. Online learning with Visionara Academy allows busy women and girls to add these transformative learnings to their daily schedules at any time convenient for them.

Learn and connect with others & the environment

The virtual environment brings together seekers of transformative learning from all around the globe. Students from different countries and backgrounds connect purely for gaining knowledge and add to each other’s learning experience. To attain this, Visionara Academy has innovative ways of teaching through challenge series, organizing women retreats, and boot camps to enrich women's experience into meditation, spirituality, natural foods, and positive environmental ideologies for their growth.

Our Associates & Clientele :


Share Your Story and inspire Others About Your Journey with Ms. Binita and how Her Training, Grooming, and Mentoring impacted you.

Stories of the VG Queens about How Ms. Binita Founder of Visionara Global has impacted their lives and inspired others to live more meaningful extraordinary lives

Archana Verma

Raipur, India...

Binita Madam gave me platform of VG Miss & Mrs India to show my talent. Opportunities given to me helped me know the capabilities that I possess. All thanks to Binita Mam for organising such events where talent is appreciated !! Glad to be a part of the team !!

Self Branding and Public Speaking are the areas of my life in which I've noticed the biggest positive change.

Sangita Ramyash Yadav

Pune, Maharashtra, India...

It was an awesome journey with Binita mam and the entire Visionara Team. I learnt a lot of things like make up , skin care & much more.

Her motivation is bigger support for us.

The biggest positive change in me is that I have started to care myself again.

Sangeeta Singh

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India..

I am Sangeeta Singh from jaipur, VG Ms. India 2021. Binita Madam training sess helpful in developing our view, Self confidence and skills.

Mrs. Binita Madam gives lots of love, compassion and help to improve our confedence level. She conducts online sessions for us which are very helpful for us. Thank you so much Binita mam. You always inspire me.

Kunjana Sharma

Rivers, Port Harcourt, Nigeria...

Since May 2020, I have been able to transform myself with her guidance. Binita Mam is multi-dimensional and has a knowledge of Beauty, Wellness, Lifestyle and Grooming because of her trainings, I feel more confident than before. The biggest positive change in me is that I have started loving myself more than before, Growth in Confidence, Positive Self Image, Personality Development, Public Speaking and Effective ways of presenting myself.

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